Puente Arizona Response to ‘Arpaio Declared Guilty for Criminal Contempt’

Phoenix, AZ–After ten years of a long and arduous people’s struggle against Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s terrorism of the immigrant community in Maricopa County, Puente Arizona marks today’s guilty verdict of the cruel and racist Sheriff as historic.

The community has always known Arpaio is guilty.  He has always been guilty of racism and hatred, guilty of breaking families apart, disappearing thousands of people from their communities and of a gross abuse of his powers.  Unfortunately, today some of Sheriff Arpaio’s anti-immigrant practices are still in place.  “As long as ICE is in the jails, Arpaio is still in control.  True justice will be served when Sheriff Penzone ends all collaboration with ICE and finally brakes with the legacy of Sheriff Arpaio”, said Carlos Garcia, Executive Director of Puente AZ.  

“I am in shock to hear the news but glad that people are recognizing the crimes that he has done against our communities. We will not have peace of mind until Sheriff Penzone removes ICE from 4th Avenue Jail.”  -Noemi Romero, Puente Arizona



Puente Arizona grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. We develop, educate, and empower migrant communities to protect and defend our families and ourselves in order to enhance the quality of life of our community members.


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