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Op-ed by Maria Rodriguez Mother's Day is supposed to be a time to celebrate the bond between mothers and their children. But because immigration agents are working with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it's too often still a holiday filled with uncertainty for Phoenix-area moms like me. A week before Mother's Day last ... Read More


Originally published at http://www.msnbc.com/melissa-harris-perry/watch/hunger-strike-activist-reunites-with-mother-246174276002


When José Valdez talks about his son Jaime, his eyes shine. “He is one of the sweetest young men you’ll ever meet,” José said on Wednesday through an interpreter. “I don’t say that just because I’m his father. He’s a young man who likes to help people. He thinks about humanity. ... Read More


Op-ed by Cynthia Diaz “Cynthia! They’re taking your mom!” The sound of my dad’s shout woke me up at seven in the morning. I ran to the front door of our Arizona home that morning, where 10 agents in black uniforms surrounded my mom. Already handcuffed in ... Read More


Tres familiares de personas deportadas o en proceso de expulsión de Estados Unidos iniciaron el martes 8 una huelga de hambre indefinida en un plantón que realizan desde el sábado 5 decenas de activistas frente a la Casa Blanca. La joven “soñadora” Cynthia Díaz, de 18 años y nacida en Arizona, ... Read More


WASHINGTON -- Three immigration activists began a hunger strike on Tuesday outside the White House to demand their loved ones -- a mother, a son and a fiance -- be released from detention. The protesters have both a narrow objection to the Obama administration's deportation policy and a far broader goal. ... Read More
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