Underground Library

Resisting the attack on Ethnic Studies by reading banned books and learning our history.

Why an Underground Library?

Arizona House Bill 2281 also known as the Ethnic Studies Ban is being used to make history illegal. Books have been blacklisted in Arizona and pulled from the highly successful Tucson Unified School District Mexican American Studies program that has a 97% graduation rate with 70% of students more likely pursue higher education.

With the help of Librotraficante and the Unitarian Universalists we have “smuggled” books back into Arizona by founding our Underground Library. We strive for the day when we all know our own stories to such an extent that we can see and make Puentes to the histories of others.

We meet monthly in the library for bookclubs and film screenings. Please contact info@puenteaz.org for more information.


Library Policies

  • Books may be checked out for 1 month.
  • Book Limit – 2
  • Sign out books on library computer.
  • Donations of banned MAS books or of children’s culturally relevant and responsible books are appreciated!
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