Uno Por Uno Legal Clinic


The Uno por Uno [One by One] legal clinic was founded in 2012 to stop the deportation and crimmigration pipeline one family at a time. The Uno por Uno legal clinic is an in-house resource clinic that offers our members and community free legal services on immigration and criminal justice cases and provides family support. 

Our Uno por Uno Legal Clinic is directed and run by Puente staff and includes the additional support of legal attorneys, interns and volunteers. Since 2012, the clinic has:

  • Stopped the deportation of 476 people
  • Won 2 Board of Clemency cases 

NEWS: You may have heard the news of our most recent hard-fought victory... DACA has been reinstated! The Trump Administration’s latest attempt to water down and end DACA has failed. On Friday of last week, a federal judge ruled that “Acting Secretary” Chad Wolf -- whose most recent July memo called for an end to all DACA renewals and applications -- did not have the authority to limit the DACA program. DACA renewals and first-time DACA application processes have been ordered to re-open today. 

While the Trump administration has yet to formally announce the re-opening of renewals and applications, Puente is offering free assistance to anyone eligible for DACA -- we can help you with your renewal process or first-time application. Call our office to make  an appointment with Uno por Uno Legal Clinic to apply now!

Uno por uno services

The Uno por Uno legal clinic offers a 24/7 crisis line for community members to contact us in the event of a workplace raid, arrest, or deportation of a loved one. Our crisis line has been our hotline to the community and allows us to understand how and where police are targeting, and in turn adapt to the needs of our community. 

Our legal clinic offers a Plan de Defensa 6-week deportation defense course that teaches our members the history of immigration in the United States and offers in-depth Know Your Rights Training. The defense course supports families by creating a family plan in the event of arrest, detention, or deportation. Our legal clinic has provided education and defense training to over 3,000 community members. 

In 2017, Puente began to extend the services provided by the Uno por Uno Legal Clinic to serve community members seeking support with the criminal justice system. Since the launch of our criminal justice branch of the clinic, we offer restoration of Civil Rights through our clinic and also support appeals through the Executive Board of Clemency. 

Additional legal clinic services provided include assistance with DACA applications and renewals, citizenship applications, and restoration of Civil Rights.

Watch moving videos of Uno por Uno cases about family separation and reunification.