Jardin Puente


Jardin Puente is our community garden and education program. We built our community garden in 2014 after moving to our current human rights campus which is located in one of the largest food deserts in Phoenix. Food deserts are areas where people have limited access to a variety of healthy and affordable food. Along with our sister project Puente Food Bank, our garden supports our membership and neighboring communities with access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our mission is to build a space that fosters reconnection to the land and promotes sustainable living through providing our community with access to gardening opportunities and classes, ancestral garden education, and holistic healing. 

Our garden is run and supported by our membership. Together, we work to rejuvenate our ancestral connection to the land and create a therapeutic holistic garden space to support each other. 

Jardin Puente works in partnership with the University of Arizona Cooperative Exchange. We aim to extend our community garden by offering garden plots to members and neighboring residents. 

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