ICE Out of 4th Ave

Sheriff Penzone,
don’t comply with ICE!

The ICE Out of 4th Ave campaign is Puente’s campaign to end police and ICE collaboration inside Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) 4th Avenue Jail. Since 2007, Puente has fought MCSO elected officials former Sheriff Joe Arpaio and current Sheriff Paul Penzone to end police and ICE collaboration.

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Through our work to fight racial profiling practices under former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Puente successfully limited the policies that permit police and ICE collaboration by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. In 2009, our advocacy led to a federal investigation of MCSO and its misuse of federal immigration policies, including 287(g) and Secure Communities (S-Comm). Through our cop-watching work, we proved that Arpaio and his deputies were complicit in the misuse of federal immigration policies, and we were able to have these policies removed. However, despite the Department of Justice lawsuit and the criminal and civil contempt charges against Arpaio and MCSO, 4th Ave continues to house ICE in their jails. 

Housing ICE in 4th Avenue Jail threatens migrant communities. Due to unlawful police and ICE collaboration, people in jail may be turned over to ICE, subsequently leading to the separation of families, and fueling the for-profit prison/detention industry. The crimmigration system continues to dehumanize our people, torture our family members behind bars, keep us away from our loved ones, and create terror in our streets, disrupting the peace in our communities.

Sheriff Penzone continues to hold migrants in his jails and is complacent in turning them over to ICE. Silence and inaction from our representatives is violent; we must call it out and demand action to get ICE out of 4th Ave Jail now! Our community’s future is at stake. 



We demand Sheriff Paul Penzone remove ICE from 4th Ave Jail!