Puente Human Rights Center


Puente Human Rights Center is the human rights education and advocacy arm of Puente, aimed at contextualizing and furthering Puente’s ongoing frontline work within the international human rights framework and human rights mechanisms. The Human Rights Center works to frame Puente’s campaigns within a human rights lens, utilizing the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights treaties to uplift abuses happening on the ground in Arizona. 

In addition to providing a human rights frame to Puente’s work, the Puente Human Rights Center works to produce human rights reports, human rights tribunals, and educational visits to spaces where human rights are violated including jails, prisons, detention centers, and the US-Mexico border. We work with local partners in Tucson and in border communities to ensure that people who participate in our border tours are able to learn first-hand about the human rights abuses occurring in multiple communities, and how people are resisting and providing support to migrants. 

In 2014, Puente Human Rights Center organized our first human rights tribunal attended by a panel of human rights experts in collaboration with the US Human Rights Network. At the tribunal, activists and people directly impacted by human rights violations were able to spotlight human rights abuses that occur in prisons and immigration detention centers against Indigenous Peoples, Black, Chicano, and queer communities in Arizona. In the same year, Puente Human Rights Center traveled to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to participate in testimony to the Committee Against Torture and the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Puente Human Rights Center collects information on the ground from our community members and via our campaigns and advocacy work in order to publish human rights reports that are intended to help hold local, state, and federal authorities accountable for ongoing human rights abuses.


Human Rights Report on the State of Confinement & Detention During COVID-19
We’re exposing the human rights abuses that have occurred unchecked in Arizona’s jails, prisons, and detention camps since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Our report is informed by hundreds of calls Puente received from our loved ones trapped in cages and their family members terrified for their safety. We also used ADOCRR and MCSO’s own data on COVID cases behind bars.

Our loved ones continue to die from COVID-19 as they remain trapped in cages under the purview of negligent officials who prove over and over again that they do not care for the humanity of our loved ones. Despite our calls over a nine-month period to #FreeThemAll and endless campaigning to hold Governor Ducey, ICE Field Director Williams, and ADOCRR Director Shinn, Arizona officials refuse to take real action to keep our loved ones safe.

The Carceral State of Arizona: The Human Cost of Being Confined
Run by private prison corporation, CoreCivic, Eloy Detention Center is located in Eloy, AZ, a small “prison town” located between Tucson and Phoenix. To be clear, the “detention center” is, in fact, a prison – an inhumane prison filled with migrants.

In August 2018, Advancement Project National Office and Puente conducted a stakeholder visit of Eloy Detention Center.  The findings in this report are a result of this visit, an attempt at transparency and to hold those who run and manage Eloy Detention Center accountable.