About AZ Free Them All

Puente launched the Arizona Free Them All campaign #AZFREETHEMALL in March of 2020 in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on those incarcerated or in detention. In March 2020, the state of Arizona took the initiative to shut down the state as a strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Governor Doug Ducey developed a plan to “flatten the curve” without considering how to keep people in immigration detention centers and Arizona Department of Correction (ADOC) facilities safe from the virus.

Puente launched this campaign as a result of the ongoing advocacy work Puente does for immigrants and incarcerated individuals. COVID-19 poses a specific threat to those incarcerated or in detention; the lack of personal protective equipment combined with the inability to social distance makes these centers petri dishes for the virus. LGBTQ migrants are at a greater risk of exposure due to discrimination and harassment.

ADOC and Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) must be held accountable for their negligence; both Governor Ducey and ADOC Director David Shinn have the power to take action and keep thousands safe from this global pandemic. ICE Field Director Jessie Williams is responsible for keeping those in the immigration detention center safe from COVID-19. Juvenile Director Hood & Sheriff Penzone continue to contribute to the crisis by arresting and detaining people in ADOC and ICE facilities.


Our demands

We demand the following...

  1. Release everyone in ADOC and ICE detention, beginning with the most vulnerable.
    1. Release everyone in ADOC and ICE detention, beginning with the most vulnerable, giving priority to people who are LGBTQ+, over 50 years old, or have chronic medical conditions. Free all people eligible for parole and bond in 2020 and 2021, and stop the flow of people into prisons.
  2. We demand a moratorium on deportations by ICE and CBP. 
    1. During times of crisis, we must prioritize the immediate release of people who are the most vulnerable. Judges must release people who are at the highest risk of harm if they contract COVID-19.
  3. Release and stop jailing anyone charged with an offense that does not involve a serious physical injury to a reasonably identifiable person. 
    1. Local law officials should cite and release people charged with misdemeanors and not turn them over to ICE.

Participate in the United for Freedom Caravan

In April we launched the United for Freedom Caravan, our car rally protests aimed at targeting and exposing the inhumane conditions in immigration detention centers and prisons.

Click on the links below to view our photo galleries from past United for Freedom Caravan car rallies. 

Join us as we ride for our family members who are currently incarcerated. Governor Ducey and the Arizona Department of Corrections have the power to free our loved ones and protect our families from COVID-19. We must put pressure on them to ensure that they are protected and to denounce the state’s unjust treatment of our people. Join our caravan every Friday; meeting locations will be updated as the dates approach. 

For more information on the United for Freedom Caravan, visit our United for Freedom Caravan Toolkit