Food Bank

Supporting our community during COVID-19: Our food bank program is committed to serving and supporting our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the outbreak, Puente has been able to provide fresh food to hundreds of families who have no access to relief support and those struggling during this time. 

Our staff is committed to providing healthy food for our community while keeping everyone safe from the COVID-19 virus. Our food bank team continues to hold our monthly food bank while maintaining social distancing and putting safety protocols in place. We offer drive-thru service to ensure no contact pick-up. Our walk-up team is equipped with face masks and gloves to protect our community.

In 2019 Puente launched its food bank and food pantry project. Puente partnered with St. Mary's Food Bank to provide a monthly food bank on our Human Rights Campus. Together, we provide free food to our community. Puente's campus is a human rights zone, which means we provide food to everyone, no ID required. 

Our human rights campus is located in one of the largest food deserts in the city of Phoenix. Our mission is to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to neighboring residents, Puente members, and community members across the city of Phoenix. 

We offer a monthly food bank on the first Monday of each month, call 602-252-1283 for more information. Our food bank and community pantry project are coordinated by Puente Family Support Specialist Natally Cruz, and powered by Puente staff, members, and volunteers from our community.  

What to bring: Community members interested in participating in the foodbank program should bring a box, portable cart, or reusable bag.  

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