Tell the Arizona Biltmore to Dump Trump!

Flood Mayor Stanton's Phone Lines atUpdate: Trump’s event has been moved to the Phoenix Convention Center.  Please join us to protest outside.  More details at

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump made headlines for his racist attacks against immigrants and Mexicans.  This Saturday, July 11, he is planning a campaign stop in Phoenix, where he will be accompanied by the notorious Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump claims that he is the “most popular person in Arizona right now,” but we won’t stand for his racism and hate.  Univision, NBC, Macy’s and Serta have severed ties with Trump after his hate speech.  It’s time to demand that the Arizona Biltmore do the same, by refusing to host his campaign event!



Send an email to Sheila Foley, the General Manager at the Arizona Biltmore demanding that she DUMP TRUMP!

Read the email to the Arizona Biltmore

To Sheila Foley, General Manager; cc Samantha Swadish, Public Relations Manager

I am writing to express my concern about the upcoming campaign event that the Arizona Biltmore will be hosting for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. As a concerned member of the community, I urge you to join other major corporations and to cancel Trump’s upcoming event at your facility and cut all ties with him.

Trump made headlines for recent racist remarks about immigrants and Mexicans, calling our community “rapists” and “killers.” We cannot allow this kind of hate and bigotry to be promoted in our city and call on the Arizona Biltmore to immediately cancel Trump’s event, where he will be accompanied by notorious anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Major corporations such as NBC, Univision, Macy’s, and Serta have cut ties with Trump following his comments on immigrants, saying that such hate speech does not align with their values.

We urge the Arizona Biltmore to follow their lead and to DUMP TRUMP by immediately canceling his campaign event scheduled for Saturday, July 11.
I await your response.

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