Danza Grupo Coatlicue

Grupo Coatlicue consists of families of all ages that have dedicated themselves to preserving the teachings of traditional Danza Azteca through its Jefes, Jose and Helga Garza. Danza is an agricultural harmonious prayer in motion that involves the acknowledgment of sacred elements while embracing our own energy to maintain balance. These Guerreros de Luz continue to share and teach the community through prayer in motion, flor y canto the beauty of our ancestors, land, and life.

Grupo Coatlicue meets weekly at our Puente Human Rights Campus.

To learn more about Group Coatlicue or to get involved please contact us.

  • Jose y Helga Garza, Jefes of Grupo Coatlicue

  • Cuauhtémoc y Angelique, Capitanes of Grupo Coatlicue

  • Jovenes of Grupo Coatlicue