Puente Movement for Justice

Puente Movement for Justice is Puente’s work to support people impacted by the criminal injustice system including people who are incarcerated, their family members and communities, formerly incarcerated people who have been released, and leaders in the wider movement for justice who have been impacted by the system. We are working on the community, local, and state levels to fight the criminalization of all people regardless of age, sex, gender, race, religion, language, or status.

Our criminal justice work includes:

  • Rights Restoration clinics to assist people who were formerly incarcerated to reestablish their basic rights (including the right to vote and other civil rights);
  • Assistance for people who are incarcerated and seeking clemency with application processes through the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency;
  • Assistance for people who have been recently released from prison to reintegrate into their families and communities;
  • Storytelling initiatives aimed at destigmatizing incarceration;
  • Healing workshops for people affected by incarceration;
  • Educational community workshops on navigating the criminal justice system;
  • Advocacy for improved conditions of confinement; 
  • Fighting against oppressive criminal justice policy and advocating for alternatives to incarceration;
  • Building power by organizing cross-movement (immigration and criminal justice).

Through Puente’s Movement for Justice work, we aim to empower, educate, and contribute to the healing processes of people directly impacted by the criminal injustice system and their wider communities. Ultimately, we are working towards the mental, emotional, and physical freedom of our people, and towards an end to incarceration and family separation.

If you or your family member are impacted by the criminal justice system and in need of legal support, please email us or call (602) 252 1283.