Cops Outta Campus



Cops Outta Campus started in 2017. We are youth in Phoenix and Central Arizona working to fight the school to prison/deportation pipeline. We believe that police do not belong in the disciplinary process on school campuses and we deserve to be students, not targeted by police. Instead of funding school police, the school should invest that money into students, counselors, social workers, ethnic studies courses, mental health, restorative justice, and teachers of color. 

Cops Outta Campus Campaign Demands:

  • No SRO’s (school resource officers) on Campus

  • No guns on campus

  • Implement restorative justice practices

  • Implement ethnic studies courses

  • Implement mental health and wellness models

What we do:

  • Workshops, panels, and presentations about the school to prison/deportation pipelines and criminalization of youth;

  • Attend school board meetings and provide information about what students want in our schools;

  • Participate in and plan protests;

  • Youth leadership development

If you are someone who…

  • has ever felt unwelcomed in school;
  • Has ever gotten into trouble with the police or knows someone who has gotten in trouble with police in the streets or at school;
  • has been detained by police;
  • feels like your teachers pick on you;
  • feels that you are not safe in school;
  • has dropped out or been pushed out of a school or schools,

...come share your stories with us!