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PHOENIX—It’s a warm afternoon at a trailer park in Central Phoenix as Isidro Carreras sets up chairs on his lawn. Neighbors start arriving gradually, until a group of about 30 people has gathered in a circle. The session of the Comité de Defensa del Barrio (Neighborhood Defense Committee) is about to ... Read More


At least fifty people were arrested in Arizona yesterday in protests against the state’s new anti-immigrant law. The law went into effect on Thursday, but not before a federal judge blocked four key parts of the legislation. One of the biggest protests occurred in ... Read More


More photos available at http://archive.azcentral.com/php-bin/commphotos/show.php?colid=15668&slide_nbr=1&fAZ=1&HTTP_REFERER=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.azcentral.com%2F#42


After Katherine Figueroa's parents were arrested in one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's sweeps last year, the 10-year-old says she began living in constant fear. For three months while her parents were in jail, Figueroa says she was terrified to ride in the car or go to the store with relatives for ... Read More
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