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Several people whose family members have been in immigrant detention centers for months, or even years, are on a hunger strike outside the Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. The hunger strike started last night, and they plan to stay there without food for the next two weeks. Read the complete article ... Read More
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Shut down Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious outdoors-deathtrap Tent City? Sounds like a solid idea to me, and one the Phoenix human rights organization Puente will be pushing Saturday, June 23 during a rally and vigil outside Joe's al fresco gulag. Read the complete article at http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bastard/2012/05/joe_arpaios_tent_city_shut_it.php


Many would like to believe that even the most guileful and nefarious of individuals are capable of compassion, particularly toward the weakest among us. Sadly, human behavior argues otherwise. To rationalize away the sufferings of others is a fairly easy mental trick, and when the payoff for doing so is political power, pangs ... Read More


The Phoenix human rights group Puente is planning a press conference and rally for Friday, March 9, to protest the Phoenix Police Department's current operations order on immigration enforcement, which allows crime victims and witnesses to be questioned about their immigration status. The operations order was last revised in October ... Read More
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