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Op-ed by Cynthia Diaz “Cynthia! They’re taking your mom!” The sound of my dad’s shout woke me up at seven in the morning. I ran to the front door of our Arizona home that morning, where 10 agents in black uniforms surrounded my mom. Already handcuffed in ... Read More


  Op-ed by Marisa Franco.  Originally published on Politic365. Despite the fact that political winds are blowing away from Arizona-style attrition politics, some officials in that state are determined to keep their tent staked in the ground, by hook or by crook.  ... Read More


Op-ed by Carlos Garcia The migrant rights movement in this country is about to enter a new phase and every person, no matter their position, will have to decide how they will relate to it. While many are waiting to see the decision of the Supreme Court related to theDepartment of ... Read More


Op-ed by Carlos Garcia Now that the Department of Justice has closed its investigation into the troubled office of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, what lessons are there from Maricopa County? In reading the DOJ report, it serves as an indictment not just of Arpaio but also of the Department of ... Read More
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