ICE out of PCJ

In July 2014, ICE terminated its contract with the Pinal County Jail, thanks to several years of community organizing inside and outside of the facility, including a recent hunger strike led by detainees.

Focused on detention, this campaign is targeting the Pinal County Jail (PCJ) in Florence, Arizona that serves as a migrant detention center. We are part of a state-wide alliance of community members and human rights organizations that have come together in Arizona to organize against immigrant detention. We are also part of the national Detention Watch Network, working to shut down PCJ as part of their Expose and Close campaign. Through a combination of education, action, and community building, we work for dignity, not detention.

Goals of this campaign:

  1. Bring Awareness to detention
    b. End the ICE contract at this horrible facility
    c. And bring detention and enforcement system into a smaller fight having them defend PCJ

Learn more about the economics of detention and who profits from the incarceration of our community from Immigrants for Sale.

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