#Not1More Deportation

When we say #Not1More, we mean Not One More.

Uno por Uno

We organize to stop deportations through a combination of legal advocacy, political pressure, storytelling, and community organizing. Since January 2013, we have successfully helped families stop nearly 100 deportations. If you or your loved one are in detention or have an active deportation case, call us at 602-252-1283 or email jovana@puenteaz.org to schedule an intake.
Please sign our open petitions to stop deportations at http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/portfolio-type/open-cases/

Families Reunited by the Power of an Organized Community

Local and State Campaigns to Stop the Enforcement Machine

From introducing the Arizona Trust Act to break police-ICE collaborations, to fighting for a municipal ID in the City of Phoenix, to taking action against Arpaio’s workplace raids, we work to stop deportations by ending out-of-control enforcement.
Check out our campaign for #ICEFREEAZ

National Campaign for Administrative Relief

We have been at the forefront of the #Not1More campaign’s national efforts to pressure President Obama to take immediate action to stop deportations through granting administrative relief to our entire community. We have #ShutDownICE across the state of Arizona, gone on hunger strike in front of the Phoenix ICE Field Office and the White House, marched 60-miles to where our loved ones are incarcerated at the Eloy Detention Center, and advocated for ourselves to our supposed representatives within the Beltway. We have shifted the conversation to not IF the President will grant us immediate relief from deportations but WHEN and will continue to fight for our entire community.

Campaign News and Updates

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